Vote for Joy: Former Westerly resident up for Visionary Award

Vote for Joy: Former Westerly resident up for Visionary Award

The Westerly Sun
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Former Westerly resident Joy Young has had a number of careers since she left the area and moved south, including that of a master sea captain. But not until recently has the Prout School graduate and caregiver asked for a vote.

The CEO of the all-female company, Joyz Medical Concepts, Young, who now makes her home in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., has been nominated for the CareGiving.Com Visionary Award. If she gets enough votes, she’ll be able to attend an upcoming CareGivers conference that will help get her the tools she needs to kick off the business and make her products available to the public.

Young created two patent-pending products designed to assist caregivers in tending to their patients. “The RollEZ Lift” is a patient-maneuvering device that helps the caregiver move patients with one hand, and “The Freshmaker Kit,” is an all-inclusive kit that cleans up incontinence.

Young said she created the products while cared for her husband, Stanley, who was terminally ill, her mother who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and many friends with HIV/AIDS.

Vote for Young at The deadline is midnight on Feb.15.

For more information on Joyz Medical Concepts, visit


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