Letter: This CCA-dominated Town Council lacks civility

Letter: This CCA-dominated Town Council lacks civility

On Sept. 27, The Westerly Sun published an article regarding the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new entrance to Ninigret Park. When interviewed, Town Council President Virginia Lee thanked the Department of Transportation, the Parks and Recreation Commission and the voters who overwhelmingly approved the $1 million bond for Ninigret Park. As the article continued, there were comments about the design of the entrance and the symbolism to the park’s history. However, nowhere in the article did she mention the group of residents who petitioned to bring that bond to the voters.

Keep in mind that the majority of this Town Council fought against bond approval by trying to convince the residents of our town to vote against it. They failed.

A citizens petition was the basis for the recreation bond being put on the ballot in 2015. I initiated that petition with the help of 14 other residents, who I will now personally thank because our elected town officials lack the decency to do so:

Paula Andersen, Julia Beasley, Deb Carney, Cheryl Dowdell, Susanne Ferrio, Jodi Frank, Charee Jackson Anderson, Anne Mulhall, Charlie Beck, Ryan Campbell, Dave Currier, Tom Ferrio, Tim Quillen and Peter Wronski … thank you all for your hard work. It remains greatly appreciated.

This should not be about politics, a photo op or trying taking credit for something the council wanted no part of. This should be about having the courtesy to thank those who gave of their time and money to bring about the Ninigret Park improvements for our entire town. After all, the Town Council has given certificates of appreciation to out-of-town individuals, but to not publicly show appreciation to our own residents for their efforts is shameful.

Charlestown needs a change. We need to bring civility and decorum back to our town and shed the divisive behavior that the Charlestown Citizens Alliance has brought us over the past four years. We need to end our town’s one-party rule, where every elected office is held by one of the CCA members. We need to bring back community spirit to improve the quality of life for all of our residents.  We need to put the TOWN back in Charlestown.

On Nov. 6, let's bring decency and civility back to our town by voting for Deborah Carney, Jodi Frank, Jane Glander, Frank Glista and Tim Quillen for Town Council and Charlie Beck for town moderator.  Please check out our we-site at charlestownresidentsunited.org

Frank Glista

The writer is a candidate for Charlestown Town Council.


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