Letter: No truth in letter about dairy cows

Letter: No truth in letter about dairy cows

This letter is regarding Maria Hoffman's response in the Westerly Sun on Saturday, May 19, “Letter wasn’t true picture of dairy cows’ lives” to William Sanford's letter to the editor, “A Mother’s Day message for the dairy cow” about cows and milk in the Westerly Sun on Saturday, May 12.

Thank you Maria. I too, was troubled by the wild falsehoods contained in Mr. Sanford's letter. Regarding separating the calves from their mothers, only the male calves (bulls) are taken. The heifers remain on the farm and become the next generation of dairy cows.

The veal cattle lead a pretty cushy life as well, and live longer than other forms of livestock.

Ms. Hoffman is correct in stating that there are no antibiotics in the milk supply. Mr. Sanford claimed otherwise. Regarding growth hormones, the human body produces its own growth hormones, and elevated levels among milk drinkers is less than one-tenth of one percent compared to non-milk drinkers.

Humans share about 97 percent of bovine, or cow, DNA. We eat eggs from chickens, and as intelligent beings, we make use of the nutritious milk cows give us. As for being the only species that drinks the milk of another, hasn't Mr. Sanford ever seen a dog or a cat drink a dish of cow's milk or cream? I have also seen dogs suck up an egg or two if they have been lucky enough to find one lying about on the farm.

Lastly, the wild claim that most humans are lactose intolerant is just not true. If it were, most of us would be exhibiting the usual symptoms of vomiting and diahhrea from which truly lactose intolerant people suffer.

Thank you, Maria L. Hoffman, for helping to set the record straight.

Ann Smith


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